Graduation Sets

Configure Graduation Sets to Track Student Graduation Progress

Graduation sets are aggregated groups of requirements students must meet to graduate a recognized accomplishment (e.g. earn a specific type of diploma or with specific honors).

Sometimes a school will use a single set of requirements for all students and other times a school will offer students multiple levels of diploma so that students can be formally recognized for going beyond the legal standard (e.g. a school may offer a state standard set of graduation requirements, an Honors set of requirements, and a technical Honors set of requirements).

Prerequisite Steps

Graduation sets vary from state to state and school to school, so before you jump into graduation set definition in the system, take some time to look at some examples and think about your own breakdown: 

Step-by-Step Instructions

After you've had time to think about how many graduation sets you need and how you'll break them down into requirements, get started configuring your own graduation sets and associated requirements in SchoolFront: 

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