Grade Ranges

Define Grade Ranges for a Course

Each school or district has a default set of grade ranges, which map letter grades to numbers in the system. These ranges are chosen by school administrators and are configured by the SchoolFront Support Team when a school first becomes a SchoolFront customer.

Teachers can either use the default grade ranges when assigning grades to students or they can configure their own grade ranges in the system.

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Teachers Only 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: By default, the school grade ranges will be employed by the system. Teachers must go in and switch the setting for Grades to "Other" on the Preferences page to use a customized set of ranges. These are the steps required to use a custom set of grade ranges rather than the default school ranges.

1. Login to SchoolFront as a teacher.

2. Select Preferences from the left navigation menu.


3. Choose the Course for which you would like to configure grade ranges.


4. In the Grade section, choose the Other radio button.


5. A form will open where you can enter custom numeric ranges and equivalent alphabetic grades.

numeric range and alphabetic equivalents

6. Enter the numeric ranges and equivalent alphabetic grades and then click the Submit Grade Ranges button to save your work.

save grade range

7. The custom grade ranges you defined will be used by the system for the course.

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