Define Personnel Record Folder Structure

Setup & Manage Electronic Personnel Record Folder Structure

SchoolFront allows you to create folders identical to the ones you use in paper form with folder-naming and color coding for easier translation of the paper-form to a digital-form. 

Once a standard set of folders is defined for the school, existing paper documents can be scanned and imported into the digital personnel files and formerly-paper intensive processes, like notices of wage/salary, can be done paperlessly and result in digital documents stored in employee electronic personnel folders. 

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator Only

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Feature Administration in the left hand vertical navigation menu. 
  2. In the section called Human Resources, select the link called Personnel Folders. 
  3. Click the New Personnel Folder link at the top of the grid. 
  4. Enter a Name for the Folder.
  5. Select a color for the folder tab. 
  6. Enter a folder description
  7. If you want this folder to be embedded in another, already existing folder, select a Parent Folder from the drop-down menu. It this folder is a standalone folder with no parent, leave the selection blank. 

    Note: Parent folders must be added to the system first or they will not appear in the drop-down menu. 
  8. Check the checkbox if you want the folder and its content (digital files stored in the folder) to visible to employees when they login to the system. 
  9. Click the Insert button. 
  10. Repeat these steps for each folder you want to add to the system. 

After you create digital personnel folders using the steps described above, you can set the destination folder (storage location) for digital salary notices.

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