Feed Subscription

How Are Feeds Consumed / Displayed for Readers?

Subscribing to a feed makes it so that every time the content publisher generates new content (e.g. a new calendar event or a new blog entry), you automatically receive a hyperlink to the new content with a date/time stamp. This means you don't have to go to the content publishers page several times a day or week to check if there is new content because you are automatically issued a link when new content is published.

Besides browsers, feeds can be consumed by dedicated RSS readers or other programs you install on your PC here are some popular feed readers

Use Feed Reading Applications

Use Feed Reading Online Services

Add Feed Manager Web-part to Your Webpage

Feeds can also be consumed by the SchoolFront Portal CMS Feed Manager web-part! Feed Manager is used to read one or more feeds, and display them in a list or a scrolling box.

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