The Feed Manager Web-Part

Aggregate the Output(s) of RSS and/or Atom Feeds in One Location

Understanding Feeds

Before you can fully appreciate the value of the Feed Manager web-part in SchoolFront Portal CMS, you must first understand feeds and how they are used by online content producers:

Using the Feed Manager to Aggregate Content on a Page

Feeds can be consumed by the SchoolFront Portal CMS Feed Manager web-part! Feed Manager is used to read one or more feeds, and display them in a list or a scrolling box.

You can add multiple feeds to one instance of Feed Manager. When you do so, Feed Manager will combine all of the incoming feeds into one list, sorted by the date/time of each entry.

Pull in External Feed Content

You can use this web-part to pull external feeds into your page. We encourage you to be creative with this feature, but here are some examples of ways you could use it:

  • Pull the contents of one or more Google Calendars into a list on your homepage.
  • Pull the entries from a Word Press blog.
  • Pull the "Word of the Day" onto your SAT-preparation page.
  • Pull the a weather feed onto your Athletics homepage.
  • If you are one school in a district, pull the calendar feed from the main district calendar to your page.
  • If you are an English teacher, display the blog of a famous writer on your page.
  • If you have 1 or more of your own blogs that are separate from the SchoolFront Portal CMS, you can pull those blogs into a single page.
  • If you are teaching a Finance Course, pull the NASDAQ feed into your page.
Aggregate Content from Feeds Within Your SchoolFront Portal CMS Website

You can also use this web-part to aggregate the outputs of multiple disparate SchoolFront Portal CMS web-parts into a single feed:

  • Give each club/activity/sport its own Event Calendar Pro calendar and then aggregate the events from all of the calendars into a single "Upcoming Events" list (and automatically generate a feed of the aggregated events to which people can subscribe).
  • Give each department a News Blog and aggregate the entries from all departments into a "School News" feed (and automatically generate a feed of the aggregated entries to which people can subscribe).
  • Give each school (pre-, elementary, middle, and high school) a News Blog and aggregate the entries from all the schools into a single "District News" feed.

How Do I Configure My Feed Manager Web-Part?

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