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What is a "Family ID"?

Family ID should actually be called "Family Member ID." If you think of it as a family member ID it helps to better understand it. We understand that this is a little confusing because the term "family" typically refers to a multi-person grouping of ... read more

What makes students and family "active" or "inactive?"

Sometimes a family will have an older child in school for several years before a younger child starts to also attend the school. If the older child is no longer "enrolled" both the older child and his parents become "inactive" in the system (i.e.... read more

What's in the January 2013 SchoolFront Release?

Functional Changes & Enhancements Gradebook Section Added the "New Coursework" link to the gradebook so that you do not have to navigate away from the gradebook to add coursework to the system. When you view... read more

Why Are Portions of My Progress Reports Missing Content?

Progress Report Troubleshooting If you review the report and notice that grades or narratives are missing for some students, check associated teacher gradebooks and the Student Log to determine if grades and narratives have been entered into the... read more

Why Can't I See Embedded Flash Content When Using iPad/iPhone?

Apple's mobile devices--i.e. the iPad/iPhone--do not, and will never, natively support any embedded Flash content. This includes flash movies, slideshows, animations, etc. Here is a letter from Steve Jobs written in April 2010 explaining the... read more

How do I Assign Extra Credit in the Gradebook?

Option 1: Grant Extra Points on an Existing Assignment If you want to give a student extra credit on a specific assignment, you can enter a score in the gradebook for the specific assignment that is higher than the max score you set for the... read more

Can I Make the Data Grid Load More Than 10 Records?

The Default Record Setting for Data Grids is Configurable For performance reasons, by default the SchoolFront system only displays 10 records in each data grid at a time, but this is a configurable (changeable) system setting. A system... read more

Why Don't I Remain Logged in After I Enter My User Name and Password?

This May Be the Result of Having Cookies Disabled in Your Browser We use cookies to determine if a user is authenticated. If you are having login issues try navigating to http://www.whatarecookies.com/cookietest.asp. The page will tell... read more

Why Don't Parents Get Proactive Alert Emails for Disciplinary Incidents?

Today SchoolFront Only Sends Proactive Alert Emails for Grades & Attendance And by "today," we mean literally today, September 4th 2012, and for a few more weeks. The SchoolFront Development Team is working on improving the level of... read more

Why Won't Parts of the Page in SchoolFront Scroll on My iPad?

iPad Pro-Tip: The 2 Finger Scroll Some web applications (e.g. SchoolFront) have form fields with tons of text in them. Field-heavy forms are a necessity in a database application like SchoolFront. Frustrated users may find that using one... read more
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