Enroll Accepted Applicant

Enroll an Applicant After Both School & Student Accept Admission

A benefit of integrated admissions management is the ability to transfer a student from "applying" status to "enrolled" status with zero duplicate data entry.

Information gathered during the admissions process remains available for historical reference and information critical to the student record becomes part of the student's evolving profile in the student information system. 

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator
  • Admissions

Prerequisite Steps

  1. Enable Admissions Functionality in SchoolFront
  2. Understand How Admissions Management Works in SchoolFront
  3. Add Your School's Admissions Requirements to the System
  4. Create a Library of Admissions Process Steps 
  5. Define Your Program(s) in the System
  6. Enable the Admissions Program
  7. Start the Student Application
  8. Manage the Student Application

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click Admissions in the left-hand vertical navigation menu. 

2. Go to View Active Program Applications

3. Click the Applicant whose application you want to convert to an enrollment. The Details will appear below the grid. 

4. Ensure that the decision to admit the applicant has been made and confirmed by appropriate individuals/committees by looking at the "Decision Step" on the Program Requirements tab (the checkboxes displayed in the grid under the "Completed" and "Confirmed" column show which requirements are completed and confirmed by admissions staff).

5. Click the Edit (pencil) icon on the decision step and find the field called "Admissions Decision."

6. Select "Accepted" from the drop-down list. 

5. Click the Edit (Pencil) icon on the enrollment step and find the field called "Applicant Decision." 

6. Now the student has been (1) offered enrollment and has (2) accepted enrollment, the student is available in the "Enrolled Students" area of the system. 

7. Click Students in the left-hand vertical navigation menu. 

8. The enrolled student's new record will now show up in the list with other enrolled students. His/her status will be "enrolled" if you look at his/her details. He/she can now be enrolled in courses and used in the standard parts of the SchoolFront system. 

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