Enable an Admissions Program

Make an Admissions Program Available or Unavailable for Usage

SchoolFront allows you to enable and disable admissions programs in the system without deleting them. You can also keep a program disabled while setting it up so that it doesn't confuse other staff members or applicants to your school.

Enabling an admissions program makes the program available to users of the system.

Disabling the program basically hides the program so that people don't accidently try to apply to it. 

Prerequisite Steps

If you have not yet completed any of the following steps, please take the time to complete them all before you proceed.

  1. Enable Admissions Functionality in SchoolFront
  2. Understand How Admissions Management Works in SchoolFront
  3. Add Your School's Admissions Requirements to the System
  4. Create a Library of Admissions Process Steps 
  5. Define Your Program(s) in the System

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to SchoolFront as an administrator.

2. In the left navigation menu, click Feature Administration.

3. In the Admissions section of the SchoolFront Feature Administration screen, click Programs.

4. Click the program in the grid that you want to enable. 

5. On the Details tab click the Edit link. 

6. Check the "enabled" checkbox. 

7. Click the Save button. 

Next Step: Begin Using SchoolFront to Manage Student Applications

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