Enable Admissions Functionality

Enable Admissions Management for Your School in SchoolFront

Admissions Management is an optional SchoolFront capability. Some schools do not need an admissions process, so we keep Admissions pages hidden to reduce complexity in SchoolFront for schools who are not using the capability.

This means that you must "turn-on" the functionality in the system before you can begin configuring it.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login as an administrator.

2. Go to the Feature Administration section using the left navigation menu.

3. In the Admissions section, click Enable Admissions.

4. Check the checkbox next to Enable Admissions.

enable admissions

5. Click the Save button. Admissions will now be enabled. The previously hidden Manage Admissions link will appear in the left-navigation menu when you leave this page.

admissions management in the left navigation menu

Admissions Permissions (Make Admissions Viewable by Staff)

All staff members with the "Administrator" role will automatically have access to admissions functionality. Other staff members will not. 

If you want a member of your staff to be able to access admissions-related functionality in SchoolFront, check the “Admissions” checkbox in the “Roles” area at the bottom of the “Details” tab of the staff member’s record (in the “Staff” section). 

More About SchoolFront Admissions

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