Employee Review of Notice of Wage/Salary

Process Overview: Employee Review of the Notice of Wage/Salary

This section explains the employee experience after they receive a notice of wage/salary via email from the Office of Human Resources. 

Pre-requisite Steps

  1. Send SchoolFront Login Information to Employees
  2. Send Notice of Wage/Salary to Employees
  3. Change Status of Salary Adjustment Record to "Pending Employee Review"

Process Overview

Each employee will receive an email message from the Office of Human Resources with a salary notice in the same format and with the same information provided in the paper salary notices provided by the Office of Human Resources in the past. The email will include a hyperlink for SchoolFront.com where the employee will login with his/her personal username and password.

Once logged into SchoolFront, the employee will be able to either (a) sign a digital copy of the salary notice using his/her mouse (or finger if the employee is accessing the salary notice via a tablet), or (b) challenge the salary notice if the employee identifies issues with the content.

If the employee approves and signs the digital salary notice, a copy of the notice with the employee’s signature will be automatically placed in the employee’s electronic personnel folder in PDF (read-only) format. The PDF can be downloaded and printed if necessary at the time of signing or in the future.

If the employee challenges the salary notice, he/she will be prompted to type an explanation for the challenge and his/her comments will be relayed to the Office of Human Resources staff for review. If it is determined that there is an issue with the salary notice, the Human Resources office will update and reissue the salary notice and the employee will be able to review and approve the updated digital salary notice using the same process. 

It is important that Hilton Central School staff members have easy access to personalized Human Resources information. Digital salary adjustments are just first piece of HR information that employees will be able to complete and access on-demand, digitally via secure electronic personnel folders.

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