Edit Page Layout

Add, Move, and Remove the Content on Your Page(s)

Getting to the "Content for Page" Section

To get to the Page Editing area:

1. Login to SchoolFront Portal CMS.

2. Navigate to the page which you would like to edit.

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

4. Click the Edit This Page button ().

5. The "Content for Page" section will open.

6. This is the area where you can add, move, and remove content on your page.

How SchoolFront Portal CMS Pages Are Organized

All SchoolFront Portal CMS Pages are organized into "panes"--i.e. as in "window panes." The way the panes are organized depends on the design of your CMS skin (the customized design created for your school / district).

Some have only 1 pane that consumes the entire page. Some have 2 to 4 panes that split the page into 4 sections. Some have 1 overarching pane at the top and/or bottom, with divided panes above and/or below them.


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