Disciplinary Process

Managing the Disciplinary Process in SchoolFront

Managing Disciplinary Incidents in SchoolFront allows school staff members to ensure that all consequences assigned to students for specific behaviors are carried out and that all staff members are able to find information about the disciplinary history for any student if they need it.

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Administrator
  • Teacher

Step-by-Step Instructions 

The Disciplinary Process workflow in SchoolFront allows staff to log an incident and then change the status of the incident in the system as the incident is processed. Status include:

  • Pending = The incident is new and consequences have been assigned to the student.
  • Escalated = The student did something additional to reap additional consequences on top of those prescribed for the original action (e.g. the student was assigned detention and didn't show up, or the student engaged in another fight before they attended detention).
  • Completed = The student fulfilled the requirements of the consequences and the incident is closed (e.g. the student was assigned detention and went to detention at the date and time on which it was scheduled).
  • Canceled = The incident is no longer valid/necessary and can be ignored.

When a Disciplinary Incident is first opened it is automatically put in the "pending" state. Teachers and administrator users can change the state of incidents in the system as necessary.

discipline process

Open a New Disciplinary Incident

If you wish to log a new Disciplinary Incident, click here.

Escalate a Disciplinary Incident

If you wish to escalate an existing Disciplinary Incident, click here and then scroll to the instructions for escalating an incident.

Cancel or Complete (Close) a Disciplinary Incident

To change the status on an existing Disciplinary Incident or Escalated Disciplinary Incident:

1. Login to SchoolFront as an administrator user or teacher.

2. Select the Discipline option from the left-hand navigation menu. The Discipline Incidents page will open.


3. Find the Discipline Incident who's status you would like to change.
Note: If you do not know how to find your incident, see the instructions for viewing incidents.

4. Once you have located the incident, select the checkbox of the incident who's status you would like to change.


5. On the Discipline Incidents page select the Change Status option in the upper left-hand corner. The Change Discipline Incident Status page will open.

6. Change the incident status to the appropriate status (completed or canceled).

discipline screen cap 


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