Data Importing

Importing Data into SchoolFront Using a Microsoft Excel™ Spreadsheet

During your use of the system (particularly if you are an Administrator user) you may encounter a workflow that requires you to import data into the system using a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet. When you encounter such a workflow, follow the instructions below.

When to Use Import Capability

Some examples of situations in which you may need these instructions include:

Step-by-Step Instructions

In the instructions below, the supporting screen captures were taken in an "Import Students" workflow, but these steps are the same for all imports.

1. Click the Click Here link to download all current data in a spreadsheet file.

import students screen cap

5. Save the file to a location on your computer where you you can easily find it.

import students screen cap

6. Go to the location that you just saved the spreadsheet file and open it.
Note: Click here for a spreadsheet "cheat sheet" for all of the different imports you can perform in the system.

7. Depending on your workflow, you can now add new student, parent, teacher, or course information to the spreadsheet.
Note: If you see mistakes or want to make changes to the data already on the spreadsheet, you can also edit existing information.

import students screen capture

8. When you have entered all new information and have made all of the edits you want to make, save the file to the same location as before.

9. To upload the updated and new information, click the Browse button and select the spreadsheet file you just saved.

screen capture for student import

10. Click Preview Import to see the information before it is saved in the system.

11. Double check all of the information in the Import Preview table to ensure that you didn’t make any mistakes when you edited the spreadsheet.

12. Once you are satisfied with the information, click Import Data

If you experience any issues completing an import, go here: Troubleshooting Import Issues

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