Dashboard (Standard)

The Daily Planner Dashboard

The Teacher Daily Planner in SchoolFront is a dashboard for a whole day.

dashboard for the day

Teachers can use this dashboard to manage a specified day and to centrally perform many standard actions that they generally do in SchoolFront (e.g. attendance, assignment management, and student information checking).

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Teacher Only

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to SchoolFront as a teacher.

2. Select the Daily Planner option from the left-hand menu. The Daily Planner dashboard will open.

3. All of of your courses will appear at the top of the screen. Choose the course you would like to manage for the day.

4. Choose the date of the day you want to manage.
    Note: The date defaults to the current date when you first open the Daily Planner page.

choose course and date

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