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Add a Custom Tab to the Student Record in SchoolFront

The student record in SchoolFront includes a series of "tabs" used to organize/categorize the data collected in the system, making it easier to peruse and locate. By default the student record includes tabs such as "Family Info," "Course Info," "Attendance," etc.

In addition to being able to add custom fields to the Student "Details" tab, system administrators can add up to 4 additional custom tabs with custom fields to the student profile.

Once the tab is created and populated with data fields, the data fields added to the custom tab will appear as filterable/sortable columns in the student grid like the other data fields in the student record.

Example Uses

You can use custom tabs to track any information relevant to your school and student population. Here are some examples of how schools have used custom tabs:

  • Create a custom tab for student medical information if you don't want to use the full SchoolFront Medical functionality.

  • Create a custom tab for student religious information--track baptism date and location, track confirmation sponsor, track communion date and location, etc.

  • Create a custom tab for student athletic information--track team sports participation, coach names, etc.

  • Create a tab to track if students have or have not handed in documentation--add a checkbox for the documents the student is supposed to hand in and then check them off as the student hands them in.

Applicable System Roles

  • System Administrators

Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: Because deleting a custom tab will delete all associated data from the system, we currently prevent users from deleting custom tabs without help from the SchoolFront Support Team. This allows us to ensure that customers do not inadvertently dispose of important system data requiring a data restore from backup.

The good news is that you can "hide" custom tabs from users without deleting the tabs and you can do so without help from the SchoolFront Support Team.

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