Custom Drop-Down List

Add a Custom Drop-Down List

A drop-down list is a set of specific enumerations / options from which someone can select a single choice.

If SchoolFront does not automatically provide you with a list which you would like to use, you can configure your own.

Note: You can also configure custom text fields and custom checkboxes.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to SchoolFront as an Administrator.

2. Click Feature Administration in the left-navigation menu.

3. In the Students section click Columns & Groupings.

4. Check one of the checkboxes under Custom Lists.

5. Change the name of the list to whatever name you want the menu to be, for example if you were creating a drop-down menu for "Favorite Color" you would enter "Favorite Color."

6. Click the Save button.

7. Now that you have added the menu to the system, you must tell the system which options belong in the drop-down menu. To do this, once again click Feature Administration in the left-navigation menu.

8. This time in the Students section click List Group Options.

9. To add an option to your drop-down menu click the New Student Group link.

10. In the Group Option Name field, enter the first menu option...for instance if you were doing colors, you would enter "Blue."

11. In the Student Grouping drop-down select the menu title you just created--in the example above, you would select the item called "Favorite Color." This indicates that "Blue" is an option in the "Favorite Color" menu.

12. Click the Insert button.

13. Repeat steps 7 to 12 for all options in your custom menu.

14. When you are done, this new custom drop-down will appear in the Student User Profile and as a column in the student grid.

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