Credit Types

Add, Edit, and Delete Credit Types

You can use credit types to map courses from your master catalog to requirements in your graduation sets. 

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator Only

Prerequisite Steps

If this is your first time dealing with course groups or graduation sets and/or if you do not yet have one or more graduation sets in the system, we HIGHLY recommend that you complete the following prerequisite steps before you begin adding, editing, or deleting course groups in the system: 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Tag All Master Courses with a Credit Type

Credit types can be whatever you want them to be...they can be a numeric value (e.g. 100034), a code (e.g. eng verif), or a full word/set of words (English Verified). Basically you will tag all of your master courses with a credit type and then you will go into your graduation set requirements and list the credit types of courses that meet the requirement.

For this reason, you may want to think about your naming convention for credit types so that its intuitive to match requirements to credit types and to tag new Master Courses with an appropriate credit type in the future. 

  1. Place your mouse over (i.e. hover over) the item called "Courses" in the left green vertical navigation menu.

  2. In the sub-menu select View Master Catalog.

  3. Click a master course to open its details. 

  4. Click the Edit link. 

  5. Enter a credit type. Again, this is whatever code/word/number you came up with for this procedure--try to keep it consistent.

  6. Click the save button. 

List Credit Types Meeting Requirements in the Graduation Set Requirements
  1. Go to the Feature Administration section in the green, left-side navigation menu.

  2. In the section called Graduation Sets, click the Graduation Sets link.

  3. Click a graduation set in the grid to open its details

  4. Click the Requirements tab.

  5. Click the pencil icon to edit one of the requirements. 

  6. Make sure that "Credit Type" is selected from the drop-down menu in the "Pre-req Type" field. 

  7. Enter a comma-separated list of all credit types (from the master catalog) that meet the requirement. 

  8. Click the Update button. 

  9. Repeat for all requirements in the graduation set such that all requirements have at least one credit type defined when you are done. 

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