Create & Manage Rubrics

Create & Manage Your School's Standardized Set of Rubrics

In order to handle courses/subjects with standards-based scoring in SchoolFront we configure rubrics for the skills / standards / competencies being measured.

The rubric makes it so that, instead of entering a single score for each assessment/coursework in the course/subject, the teacher can enter a score in for each of the skills/standards/competencies.

We assume that the skills/standards/competencies measured at each grade level (1) are standardized in your school so that all students at the same level are measured against the same set of standards, and (2) that the standards measured change/evolve as the student progresses in grade-level.

Step-by -Steps Instructions

  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Manage Rubrics in the left navigation menu.
  3. Click New Rubric.
  4. Enter the following:
  • Name: Enter the Name/Subject as it will appear on the report card, for example “Reading” or "Mathematics."
  • Level Type: Choose “Letter Grade” or "Percentage."
  • Expanded On Report Card: Check this box if you want each skill/standard and associated score displayed on the report card.
  • Overall Average On Report Card: If you want the student to have an overall score for calculated using the average of the scores from the skills/standards, check this box…if you only want to see the individual skill/standard scores with no overall score, leave the box unchecked.
  • Description: Enter the grade level to which the rubric may be used for formative assessment. For example “Nursery” or “Kinder” or “06” or “02.” You can also put in a more detailed description if you wish--we highly recommend entering the grade level so that it's easy to search and find the rubric if there are many rubrics in your system.
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Click Rubric Builder.
  3. Click New Rubric Objective.
  4. Enter the following:
  • Objective Name: Enter the first expanded skill/standard that appears on the report card. For example “Speaks clearly.”
  • Objective Description: Describe the skill / competency.
  1. Click the Insert button.
  2. Repeat steps 7 to 9 for all expanded skills/standards.
  3. Once all of the objectives are defined, click New Rubric Level.
  4. Choose one of your grades from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter the Description - what does the letter mean?
  6. Click the Insert button.
  7. Repeat steps 11 to 14 for all of your Letter Grades or Numbers.
  8. Your rubric is complete for this subject/course.
  9. You can click the little pencil icons to make "tweaks" to the content of the rubric.

Here is an example of a completed Reading Rubric:

Next Step: Map Rubrics to Master Courses

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