Create Mailing Labels

Use Notification Workflow to Generate Mailing Labels

The SchoolFront Notification building workflow can be used to generate labels. Labels can be generated either in addition to a notification in PDF format, or without an accompanying notification. The output of the label making process is a PDF document formatted to work with a variety of sticky label templates (e.g. those sold by Avery).

Prerequisite Steps

Before label templates will be available to you in the Notification building window, you must choose your favorite templates. In the future there may be 100s of templates to choose from but you may find that you only use 3 or 4 of them. This is why we require that you choose from a larger repository of templates rather than including hundreds in the drop-down menu.

To select templates:

1. Place your mouse cursor on Manage Notifications in the left-navigation menu. The sub-menu will appear.

2. From the sub-menu, select Manage Label Preferences.

3. Scroll through the templates in the grid to see which ones are available to you or Search for labels by Avery Reference Number using the filter on the Description column.

4. When you find a template you want to use, click the magnifying glass next to the Name.

5. Click the Edit link.

6. Check the Favorite checkbox.

7. Click the Save button.

8. Repeat for as many label templates as desired.

If We Don't Have the Template You Need...

If you cannot find a template that meets your requirement, please submit a problem to the SchoolFront Support Team. If you know the information, include in your problem description:

  • The name and reference number of the template you are using.

  • The name of the company that makes the template.

  • Describe the layout of the labels--How many labels are on a page? How many rows? How many columns.

The Support Team will likely be able to generate a template that will meet your requirements, they just need to know what those requirements are.

Step-by-Step Label-Making Instructions

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