Manage Course Groups

Add, Edit, and Delete Course Groups

You can use course groups to map courses from your master catalog to requirements in your graduation sets. 

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator Only

Prerequisite Steps

If this is your first time dealing with course groups or graduation sets and/or if you do not yet have one or more graduation sets in the system, we HIGHLY recommend that you complete the following prerequisite steps before you begin adding, editing, or deleting course groups in the system: 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Create (and Edit/Delete) Course Groups
  1. Go to the Feature Administration section in the green, left-side navigation menu.

  2. In the section called Graduation Sets, click Course Groups

  3. Click New Course Group link at the top of the grid (or click an existing course group in the grid to edit/delete).

  4. Enter a group name, such as "Verified Advanced English Courses" or "Verified English" or "Unverified English Electives."

  5. Enter an optional group description

  6. Click the Insert button. 

  7. Click the Courses tab.

  8. Click the New Course Catalog Association link. 

  9. Check the checkboxes all of the courses that belong in the course group (note that only courses from your Master Catalog will appear...if the course is missing, add it to the master catalog). Include courses that, if successfully completed, meet a requirement in your graduation set

  10. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window. 

  11. Repeat until you have a course group for each of the requirements in you graduation set.

Note: If you have more than one graduation set defined in the system, you will be able to reuse course groups across the graduation sets, but there can only be one course group to a requirement in a graduation set. 

Note: If you forget to add a course to a course group or add a course in error, the course groups are changeable (editable). 

Associate a Course Group with a Graduation Set Requirement
  1. Go to the Feature Administration section in the green, left-side navigation menu.

  2. In the section called Graduation Sets, click the Graduation Sets link.

  3. Click a graduation set to open its details

  4. Click the Requirements tab.

  5. Click the pencil icon to edit one of the requirements. 

  6. Make sure that "Course Group" is selected from the drop-down menu in the "Pre-req Type" field. 

  7. All of the course groups you added will be listed by name in the "Course Groups" dropdown menu. Select the course group with the courses meeting the requirement. 

  8. Click the Update button. 

  9. Repeat for all requirements in the graduation set such that all requirements have a course group defined when you are done. 

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