Configure Donor Tags

Configure Donor Tags That Make Sense for Your School / District

An important aspect of the SchoolFront donor database is the ability to characterize donors. Tags include groupings or descriptions and each donor can be associated with multiple tags.

Thoughtful donor tagging can:

  • Allow you you to choose a group of appropriate donors to target when you begin soliciting donations for a campaign.

  • Sometimes help you to discover correlations between campaign or solicitation success and specific donor attributes.

  • Allow you to test the correlation between a specific donor attribute and amount of donations received in a specific campaign and/or using a specific approach to solicitation.

  • Allow you to exclude donors with specific attribute(s) from solicitations.

  • Allow you to match solicitors (i.e. individuals soliciting funds/donations) to donors when it's time to ask for funds/donations.

You can create as many tags as you want / need to characterize donors. You will be able to search for donors using a mix of donor tags to identify or exclude donors from solicitations and to draw conclusions about the correlation between donor characteristics and solicitation success.


You could tag donors with attributes that describe:

Attributes Example Tags You Could
Add to SchoolFront
Areas of Interest
(E.g. "Donor is likely to give for these causes")
  • Athletics
  • Lunch Program / Nutrition
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Language
  • Library
  • Facilities
  • Computer / IT
  • Dance
Athletics Interest
  • Cheerleading
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Equestrian
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Hockey
  • Field Hockey
  • Track & Field
Effective Solicitation Techniques
  • Telephone
  • Online
  • Door-to-Door
  • Postal Mail
  • Attend Events
Giving Style
  • Give Cash
  • Buy Raffle Tickets
  • Give Items / Gifts
  • Buy Items / Gifts
  • Buy Event Tickets
  • Donate Time
Pet Causes
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Fighting Hunger
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Literacy & Reading
  • Science, Tech, Engineering, & Math
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse
  • Going Green / Environmental
  • Violence / Gangs
  • Bullying
  • Save the Music
  • Elections / Voting
Clubs & Orgs of Interest
  • Math League
  • Writer's Guild
  • International Club
  • Robotics Crew
  • Theater Group
  • Student Government
  • Young Farmers
  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • Yearbook Club
  • Ski / Snowboard Club
  • Prom Committee


Step-by-Step Instructions

To characterize donors in your database, the tags must first be defined in the system.

1. Click Feature Administration in the left navigation menu.

2. In the section called Development click Donor Tags.

3. Click the New Donor Tag link at the top of the grid (next to the little green plus-sign icon).

4. Fill in a Donor Tag Name. For example "Student Government" or "Save the Music."

5. In the Donor Tag Description field, describe conclusions that can be drawn about a donor tagged with the attribute. For example "This donor is interested in Student Government activities." or "This donor likes to give to Save the Music and similar charities/movements."

6. Click the Insert button.

7. Repeat for all donor tags you wish to add to the system.

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