Configure Donor Levels

Define Donor Levels to Recognize Donors in Your Fundraising Database

Donor levels are used to recognize different gift amounts. Some schools use donor levels strictly for internal purposes, almost as another means of tagging donors for searching and filtering purposes, but others advertise donor levels publicly as a donor level of achievement.

Whether or not it's part of your fundraising strategy to publicize the amounts donors give, donor levels can be a great way to characterize your donor pool.

Usage Example

Here is an example of donor levels you could create:

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click Feature Administration in the left navigation menu.

2. In the section called Development click Donor Levels.

3. Click the New Donor Level link at the top of the grid (next to the little green plus-sign icon).

4. Fill in a Donor Level Name. For example "Big Fish" or "Platinum."

5. In the Donor Level Description field, describe what the level means. How much does one have to give to be at the level? What does the level mean for the donor? Does he/she receive any perks? For example:

  • Mention on the sponsorship webpage (including company logo)
  • Display plaque
  • The right to display the school logo on your website, with the words “Platinum Sponsor” above the logo.

6. Click the Insert button.

7. Repeat for all donor levels you wish to add to the system.

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