Feed Manager Configuration

Configure Feed Manager Web-Part to Aggregate 1 or More Feeds

Here is a simple example of how you could set up Feed Manager on your site.

Suppose that you have a blog (created either using the blog web-part or from an external blogging side like Word Press or Blogger), and you'd like to show your most recent blog entries on your page.

  1. Determine the feed URL for your blog. You should navigate to the blog, right-click the RSS icon, and select the appropriate option to add that link URL to your clipboard. If the RSS icon is not displayed, look in the blog settings and make sure the icon is enabled.
  2. Add an instance of Feed Manager web-part to your page (if you haven't already done this).
  3. Click on the Add/Edit Feeds link. Paste the URL from step 1 into the Feed URL box.
  4. Save it.

Now you will have an abbreviated list of your blog postings, along with their published dates, on your home page.

Remember that you can add multiple feeds to one instance of Feed Manager. When you do so, Feed Manager will combine all of the incoming feeds into one list, sorted by the date/time of each entry.

How to Adjust Display Settings

Go into settings and you can customize your Feed Manager's display quite extensively. As will other web-parts, you must click the Settings() button to configure this web-part. There is a good amount on on-page Help () content to assist you as you configure the web-part.

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