Common Icons

Common SchoolFront User Interface (UI) Icons

add new icon
Click to Add Something New

This icon is used to show where something (e.g. a new grade category or new coursework) can be added to the system.

Click to Change the Field and Direction of Record Sorting in a Data Grid

When you see the icon pictured beside the name of a field, you know that the records in the field are sorted chronologically, numerically, or alphabetically (depending on the field type) or reverse chronologically, numerically, or alphabetically.

To change the field used to sort the records, click the field name and the icon will appear beside the field name.

To reverse the direction of the sort, click the icon again.

Click here for more information about sorting records in a data grid.

Click to Filter the Records in the Data Grid

This icon is used to apply a filter to the records displayed in a data grid.

If you want to refine the number of records displayed using specific criteria, click the filter icon. You will be able to use the following parameter options to locate specific records:

  • Equals
  • Does Not Equal
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than or Equal To
  • Less Than
  • Less Than or Equal To

Click here for more information about filtering records in data grids.

Click to View Your Own User Information

This icon is used to view your own user information as it appears in the system.

If you click this icon your user profile will open and you will be able to view and sometimes edit your personal information. 

Click to Delete

This icon is used to show where something (e.g. a grade category or coursework) can be deleted from the system.

Warning: Remember to think hard before you delete anything because frequently deleting one thing from the system means that you delete all associated things as well (e.g. deleting a grade category will delete all associated coursework from the system).

Click to Edit

This icon is used to show where something (e.g. a grade category or coursework) can be edited in the system. 

Click to Export to Microsoft Excelâ„¢

This icon is used to show where something can be exported to Microsoft Excelâ„¢ (e.g. a student roster).

Click here for more information about exporting information to Excel.

Click to View Details

This icon is used to show where something can be viewed in greater detail. Often you have to click this icon before you can do other actions like edit or delete.

Click to Select a View

This icon is used to show where a list of saved data grid "Views" is available. Views can be created and saved by users so that they can easily filter and sort data in the same way over and over again without having to reapply filter and sort settings.

Click the dropdown menu next to the icon to see the list of views.

Click here for more information about creating and using views.

Click to View Reports

This icon is used to show the reports that are available for you to run. The reports that appear depend on your role and the configuration of your school. The list of reports will appear in either a separate window or separate browser tab depending on your browser configuration.

Click to Return to the Home Screen

This icon is used to return to the home screen where you can see school announcements, upcoming events, and other information.

Click to Open the SchoolFront Support Portal

This icon is used to open the SchoolFront Support Portal where you can access documentation, submit a feature request, download utilities and more. The window will either open in a separate window or another browser tab depending on the configuration of your browser.

Click to Logout of SchoolFront

This icon is used to logout of SchoolFront. Anytime you are completed with your work in SchoolFront you should either close your browser windows and/or select the SchoolFront logout link.


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