CMS Access & Permissions

SchoolFront System Administrators (Users w/ Administrator Accounts)

The only users who automatically have the ability to view and edit all content in the CMS are those with the "Administrator" role in the SchoolFront MIS.

SchoolFront Administrators are automatically able to do the following in the CMS:

All Other SchoolFront Users (Users w/ Non-Administrator Accounts)

There are many roles in SchoolFront besides the Administrator role. Users are assigned to one or more of these roles in MIS. Some examples of such roles inlcude: Teachers, Admissions, Medical, Discipline, Parent Coordinator, Student, Parent, etc.

Those who do not have the Administrator role in SchoolFront MIS will have only read/view-access to most website content unless an Administrator either blocks them from viewing certain content by making it private, or gives them permission in the system to create and edit content.

If you are a non-administrator who would like the ability to manage your own page or update an existing page, please contact one of your schools'/districts' system administrators for help because, for security reasons, the SchoolFront Support Team is not allowed to grant anyone access to or elevated permissions in customer systems.

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