Choose Administrators

Identify Your School's Administrator Users

All schools must have at least one Administrator user. The SchoolFront Support Team will add the school's first Administrator user to the system when they add the school to the system for the first time. This first Administrator user will be able to add other Administrator users if necessary.

Administrator User Capabilities and Responsibilities

In SchoolFront Administrator users have the most power. They are able to view the information of all users from their school and can add, edit, and remove users from their school. They also have the ability to use SchoolFront communication capabilities and can do bulk imports of information into the system (e.g. Administrators can import students in bulk rather than entering them into the system one-at-a-time).

Administrator users are responsible for:

  • Setting Up the School Year in the System - The administrator user for the school must define the school year in the system by creating Marking Periods
    Note: No one else from the school can do anything in the system until Marking Periods have been set up.
  • Adding User Accounts to the System for Staff, Students, and Parents - The administrator user for the school must import staff, student, and parent information so that user accounts are created for all members of the school community.
    Note: Administrator users can get help with Parent Information Management by finding someone to act as a Parent Coordinator. Parent Coordinators have the same parent information management capabilities as the Administrator in the system. 
  • Maintaining the School Calendar in the System - The school calendar is visible to all members of the school community when they login to SchoolFront. Only Administrator users can define school days and holidays in the system and add and remove events from the school calendar.
  • Managing School Announcements - The administrator user for the school must manage school announcements on behalf of the school so that users can view announcements in SchoolFront. SchoolFront allows Administrator users to create announcements, define how long the announcements will be visible, and to define who (parents, students, staff, administrators) can see the announcements when they login to SchoolFront.
  • Acting as a Point-of-Contact - The administrator user for the school must act as a point-of-contact at the school for (1) school community members who don't know who else to contact, and (2) the SchoolFront Support Team (e.g. in case they have questions or need assistance from someone at the school).
  • Acting as a System "Gatekeeper" - Since Administrator users can add and remove users from the system and can edit user information in the system, they act as "gatekeepers" to the system for all members of the school community--This means that if someone new needs system access, the administrator user will verify that they should have access, determine what role they should have in the system, and then add them to the system.

Who Can Do The Administrator User Job?

The administrator role can be given to any appropriate staff member in the school. It is not restricted to just school administrators or administrative staff (e.g. A teacher could be given the role if the school wants him or her to have administrator powers in the system).

The person(s) identified to have the Administrator user role should be:

  • A trusted member of the school staff who is allowed to view the personal and academic information of all students in the school.
  • Willing and able to learn and use the SchoolFront system.
  • Able to determine who should and should not have access to the system and the information in it.
  • Accessible (e.g. by email) by all members of the school staff and the SchoolFront Support Team.
  • Able to determine what should and should not be communicated by the school and who should see the communication.
  • Knowledgeable of marking periods, school days, holidays, staff-only days, and other important calendar events.

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