Calculate Wages / Salaries

Automatically or Manually Calculate Wage / Salary Changes

After you have setup the "rules" by which wages / salaries are calculated, you can either have the system automatically perform the calculation for you for one or more employees at once, and/or you can manually enter values for individual employees if they (for some reason) do not conform to the standard rules. 

Some examples of employees who may not conform to the rules and require manual entry are:

  • An employee who changed jobs from the previous year. 
  • An employee who started the job mid-year and requires proration of wage/salary. 
  • An employee who has earned some special incentive not comprehended in the standard rules for his/her group profile. 

You can also automatically run the calculation for all employees in a group and then "tweak" the output for specific individuals whose final wages/salaries differ from the norm. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

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