Automatically Calculate Wages / Salaries

Have the System Calculate Wages/Salaries Using Configured "Rules"

After you have setup the "rules" by which wages / salaries are calculated, you can have the system automatically perform the calculation for you for one or more employees at once.

Applicable System Roles

  • Human Resources
  • Administrator

Pre-Requisite Steps

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Active Employees in the left hand green vertical navigation menu. 
  2. Using filtering or a saved view, reduce the records in the grid to only a single group of employees who share a common group profile

    Note: When you run the calculation, it will execute for every employee in the grid, so filtering to reduce the records to just the employees with 1 set of common wage / salary requirements is critical. If you want to execute an adjustment for a single employee, filter the grid on that employee's Staff ID such that only that employee remains in the grid. 
  3. Once the records include only the employees in a single group profile, click the Generate Salary Adjustments link at the top of the grid. 
  4. A little dialog will open. 
  5. Note the number of employees (Selected Staff Count) and ensure that it is correct--if the number seems wrong, click the cancel button and check to ensure that you have filtered the grid properly. 
  6. Select the correct Group Profile from the drop-down menu for the employees for whom you have the grid filtered. 
  7. Check the Replace Active Salary Adjustments checkbox only if you have mistakenly created a salary adjustment you want this new salary adjustment to overwrite (the previous active/un-approved salary adjustment will be deleted and replaced by this new one). If there are no active salary adjustments for this group of employees, leaving the checkbox checked will not impact the salary adjustments at all. 
  8. Click the Save button. 
  9. The calculation will be executed for the employees in the grid using the "rules"/contract terms in the group profile you selected. 

See the Newly Calculated Salary Adjustments

To check the salary adjustments, go to Salary Adjustments in the left hand vertical navigation menu and use sorting or filtering to see the adjustments you just ran.

Click a salary adjustment in the grid on the Staff Salary Adjustment Management page to view the details of the salary adjustment. 

If there  are any issues with the numbers you can either delete the salary adjustment and start over or edit the values in the salary adjustment so that they are correct. 

Make Salary Adjustment Ready for Audit. 

Send Notice of Wage / Salary.

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