Process Overview: Audit Wages / Salaries

Process Overview: Perform an Audit on Calculated Wages/Salaries

Because there can be so many nuances when it comes to the calculation of wage/salary, many organizations like to audit automated system calculations before sending notices of wage/salary to employees and updating payroll systems.

Auditing wage/salary adjustments in SchoolFront can help to uncover issues with the calculation rules/terms, human error in manually created salary adjustments, and outlying employees who don't quite conform to the same rules/terms as their peers in the same group profile

Applicable System Roles

  • Human Resources
  • Administrator

Pre-requisite Steps

  1. Define Salary Calculation Rules/Terms for Groups of Employees
  2. Automatically or Manually Calculate Adjusted Wages/Salaries for Employees

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Change Salary Adjustment Status to "Ready for Audit."
  2. Statuses from the Audit: 

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