Managing Assignments in SchoolFront

Teachers can manage both graded and ungraded coursework in SchoolFront. Creating coursework in the system allows teachers to track the dates on which coursework is given to students and the dates on which it is due. It allows teachers to simply track the work and remind students of the work (e.g. study for a test), or to associate coursework with Grade Categories so that it can be graded in the system and can be used by the system to calculate and project student averages.

When coursework for a class is added to the system by a teacher, students who are in the class and the parents of those students can login to SchoolFront and see information about the coursework and the grades they receive as well.

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Note: If you are confused about the terms "Coursework," "Assignments," "Grade Categories," and "Graded Items" click here to check out a good explanation in the FAQ Blog.

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