Assign Property

Assign School Property to Specific Users

Before you hand school property over to students, staff, and student family members, it's a good idea to make note of who is in possession of the property, the condition of the property when it's assigned, and when it is to be returned.

Note: Before they can borrow school property many schools require that users sign contracts acknowledging the school's usage policy and promising to return property in good condition. If you are interested in digitally tracking such agreements in SchoolFront, click here.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Assign a Piece of School Property to a User

1. Login to SchoolFront as an administrator.

2. Click the Manage Assets link in the left navigation menu.

3. Locate the asset record in the grid which you wish to assign to a user and click it to open its details.

5. Click the Log tab.

6. Click the New Log Entry link.

7. Fill in the Date of Activity--i.e. the date on which the user will be given the asset/property (this may or may not be the current date).

8. Fill in the Date to be Returned--i.e. the date on which the user is scheduled to return the asset/property. This will be important for reporting purposes. You'll be able to create views in the grid that show property that is past due.

9. If you want to make any notes about the transaction, you can write them in the Notes field.

10. Select an Asset Status from the drop-down menu. In this case, it will likely be something like "Assigned."

11. Select the person or location to which the asset is assigned.

12. Click the Insert button.

13. A log entry will be created in the Asset Log recording this transaction.

14. Click here to see how to check property back into the system when it is returned by the user.

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