Asset Statuses

Define the Statuses that Will Be Used When Tracking School Property

The asset statuses that you create here, will become options in the Asset Status drop-down menu when you create an asset in SchoolFront or update the status of the asset.

Try to think of all of the statuses your school might want to track for circulating school property and create them in SchoolFront. If you think of more later on after you begin using the system, you can add them as needed.

Applicable System Roles

  • Administrator

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login as an administrator.

2. Go to the Feature Administration section using the left navigation menu.

3. In the Asset Management section, click Statuses.

4. Click New Asset Status (next to the green "plus sign" icon).

5. Enter a Status Name, for example:

  • Assigned / In Use
  • Missing
  • Requires Maintenance / Repair
  • Reserved
  • Retired / Out of Circulation
  • Stolen
  • Unassigned / Available

6. Enter a status description to explain what the status means.

7. Choose a status type from the drop-down menu. Here's what the types mean:

  • Available = Item can be assigned to a person.
  • Unavailable = Item is not assigned to anyone, but cannot be assigned to a person (e.g. if the item is damaged)
  • Assigned = Item is assigned to a person and cannot be assigned to a different person.
  • Retired = Item is no longer in circulation, it cannot be assigned to anyone now or in the future (e.g. if it's destroyed or stolen)

8. Click the insert button to add the status to SchoolFront.

9. Like asset categories, you can create as many statuses as your school needs to adequately track and report on the condition and whereabouts of school property.

Click here to see how to configure asset conditions.

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