Import Student Assessment & Test Scores

Import Student Scores from Assessments & Tests Using ExcelTM

Usually tests and assessments are taken and ultimately scored for many students at one time. Rather than require that you enter those scores into the system one at a time for analysis and reporting, SchoolFront allows you to import multiple scores for multiple students all at one time using ExcelTM.

Example Usage Scenario

An example of when this is useful is for SATs. Usually many 11th and 12th grades students all take the test at once and you receive the scores for all of the students from your school at once from the SAT Board. You can take all of those scores, enter them into a single Excel spreadsheet and then import them into SchoolFront.

Once the scores are all imported you can use the data to compare student performance longitudinally and in the scope of other information in SchoolFront in an effort to improve student performance in the future, as well as include the scores in student transcripts if you wish.

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Administrator Only

Prerequisite Steps

Scores for any assessment can be tracked and used for analysis and reporting in SchoolFront, but before you start inputting scores, you must set-up a scoring schema for each assessment you wish to track and make sure that all students whose scores you wish to track are already in the system.

  1. Ensure that Student Profile(s) are Already in the System
  2. Configure Assessment / Test Scoring Schemas in the System

Step-by-Step Instructions

Import Student Assessment / Test Scores

1. Log into SchoolFront as an Administrator user.

2. In the left navigation bar place your mouse over Manage Students.

3. The Sub-menu will appear.

4. In the sub-menu click Export/Import Test Scores.

5. Follow the Online Help instructions for Data Importing using the below table to fill in your Excel file. You must fill in all required fields to complete the import.

Column Name Description / Instructions
Student ID The student must be in the system (and therefore already have an assigned ID before you can import historical grades). Enter the student ID here.
Test Name

This refers to the name of the test, for example "NYS Regents Exam."

The Test Name you enter here must match exactly the name of one of the tests you configured in the system before you started imputing/importing test scores.

If you have not already configured this test in the system, click here to see how to add it.

Date Test Taken Enter the date on which the student took the test (note that the date is likely different than the date on which you are entering the score).
Notes                         Enter any notes. This is an optional field.
Show on Transcript If you do not want this test listed on the student transcript, enter "no." For instance if the student took the SAT twice and this score is lower than the other, you will only want the higher score appearing on the transcript.
Test Score Name

Tests can be broken into multiple scores, including for example, a composite score and sub-scores. Enter the name of the score here.

The score name must match exactly the name of one of the score names configured in the system associated with the test name you entered in the Test Name column.

If you have not already configured test and test score in the system, click here to see how to add it.

Score Value Enter the scores.
Grade Level Enter the grade level the student was in when they took the test.
Test Level

Enter the test level.

This test level should match exactly the name of one of the test (proficiency) levels configured in the system associated with the test name you entered in the Test Name column.

If you have not already configured test, test scores, and test level in the system, click here to see how to add it.

View & Edit Student Assessment Scores in the System Once Import is Complete

Any staff member (not just administrators) can see a student's test scores in the student profile, but only administrators can add tests to the system and actually log student test scores.

If you are an administrator you will also be able to edit individual student test scores in the system.

  • Click here for instructions on viewing Student Test scores.

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