Access a Stored Approved Notice of Wage/Salary

View/Print Stored Employee Approved Digital Notices of Wage/Salary

The Digital Notice of Wage/Salary employee review process concludes with the digitally signed notice of wage / salary stored in the employees' electronic personnel folders for future reference by both the employer and the employee.

These digitally stored filed can be viewed and/or printed at any time.

Applicable System Roles

  • Human Resources
  • Administrator

Step-by-Step Instructions

View the Stored Notice of Wage/Salary PDF for a Single Employee
  1. Got to Active Employees section in the left hand vertical navigation menu.
  2. Find the Employee whose digital salary notice you wish to see. You can use sorting and filtering if there are many, many employees in the grid to find the employee faster. 
  3. Click on the employee to open his/her details below the grid.
  4. In the Details area, click the Tabbed Personnel Files tab. 
  5. Click the folder in which digital salary notices are stored. 
  6. Locate the digital salary notice you wish to view. 
  7. Click the View File Icon
  8. The PDF will download to the default location for downloads on your computer. 
Export the Stored Notices of Wage/Salary for Multiple Employees (to PDF)
  1. Click on Personnel Files in the left hand green vertical navigation menu. 
  2. From the grid presented, you can sort/filter, page and export to PDF.
  3. At the bottom of the grid, use the drop-down menu to change the rows per page to 250. 
  4. Select the checkbox on the left column that is in the header.  This will select all rows for you.
  5. Then select the PDF Package link at the top of the grid.  You will get a PDF document with all of the 250 documents.  

    NoteThe max you can include is 250 so after you save the PDF that is generate (it may take 30 seconds or so).
  6. Change to page 2 (at the bottom of the grid) if there are more than 250 records available in the grid, select all of the items, and then click it again.  
  7. Repeat for all pages in the grid.

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