All Student RISE Files

Manage RISE Files for Any Student in the School

RISE Mentors may attach digital versions of RISE-related documents to their mentees' RISE records in SchoolFront. An example of a type of document that might be tracked in this manner is the RISE Contract when a student reaches contract level.

As a RISE Administrator you can view, add, and delete files attached to student RISE records in SchoolFront.

Applicable System Roles

  • RISE Administrator

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Login to SchoolFront as a RISE Administrator.

  2. Click Manage RISE in the left navigation menu.

  3. The students in the grid are the students who are enrolled in the school .

  4. Click on the student in the grid you will be able to see all information associated with RISE in the Details area below the grid.

  5. Click the RISE Files tab.

  6. Click the New File link.

  7. Browse to the file on your computer.

  8. Upload the file.

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