Define Admissions Process

Create a Library of Admissions Process Steps in SchoolFront

In SchoolFront admissions steps include groupings of requirements which must be completed before the student can proceed to the next step.

Example Admissions Process Steps

Example steps you could create are:

  • Inquiry
  • Application
  • Assessment
  • Committee Review
  • Enrollment

Steps can be re-used in multiple programs, but the requirements to complete the steps can be different from program to program.

Prerequisite Steps

If you have not yet completed any of the following steps, please take the time to complete them all before you proceed.

  1. Enable Admissions Functionality in SchoolFront
  2. Understand How Admissions Management Works in SchoolFront
  3. Add Your School's Admissions Requirements to the System

Step-by-Step Process

Follow these steps to create a library of admissions steps that will be used in your school's admissions programs in SchoolFront.

1. Login to SchoolFront as an administrator.

2. In the left navigation menu, click Feature Administration.

3. In the Admissions section of the SchoolFront Feature Administration screen, click Process.

4. Click the green plus icon called New Admissions Step. A form will open.

5. Fill in the form using these guidelines:

Field Name How to Fill it Out...
Step Name

Name your Step. For example:

  • Inquiry - In this step, the prospective family shows interest in applying for admission to the school.
  • Application - In this step, the prospect student/student family submits the artifacts required to initiate application for enrollment.
  • Assessment - In this step, the prospect/student and his/her academic record are examined by the school to gauge readiness for admission.
  • Committee Review - In this step the Admissions Committee reviews the materials collected during the application and assessment steps and makes a decision to enroll, decline, or wait-list the applying student.
  • Enrollment - In this step, the accepted student submits materials required to be enrolled as a student in the school.
Description Explain the step (see descriptions above, for example). 
Step Type

Choose from:

  • Process Step - the conclusion of a process step results in another step in the process. There are usually several process steps in an admissions program, but there can be as few as zero. 
  • Decision Step - the output of a decision step is the school's decision to either accept or decline the student application for admission. At this point the applying family will be notified and, if the school is accepting the student, the family will also make a decision to accept or decline the invitation. There is usually only one decision step in an admissions program. There should be at least one. 
  • Enrollment Step - the conclusion of an enrollment step is the movement of the applying student's record to an enrolled student record...which makes the student eligible for enrollment in courses. There is usually only one enrollment step in an admissions program. There should be at least one. 
Order This is the order the step will appear in in the grid. 

6. Click the Insert button. The step will be added to the system.

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