Getting Started as an Administrator in the SchoolFront System

SchoolFront users with the "Administrator" role have the most control over the configuration of the SchoolFront system for a school. This section of the Online Help provides information for Administrator users who are just getting started in the SchoolFront system.

Note: Initially Administrator users for a school that is new to SchoolFront must be added to the system by the SchoolFront Support Team. Administrator users who are in the system can then add other Administrator users when necessary. 

Before You Can Login...

  1. Complete New Customer Questionnaires
  2. Ensure That Your School(s) Are Segmented Properly in SchoolFront
  3. Familiarize Yourself with SchoolFront Terminology
  4. Learn About User Roles in the SchoolFront System

As a direct result of you completing your New Customer Questionnaires and submitting example report cards, the SchoolFront Team will begin setting up the system for usage by your school(s). During the setup, Administrator user accounts will be setup for your school's system administrators (i.e. the folks responsible for feature configuration, user access management, and the importing / entry of system data).

You will receive administrator login information via an email from the SchoolFront Support Team.

When You First Login...

SchoolFront was designed with consistency in mind. Certain functional paradigms are repeated throughout the system, so if you learn them one-time, you will recognize the pattern and be able to use the system in the same way throughout the application.

For example icons, data grids, and information importing are handled in a consistent manner throughout SchoolFront--if you learn the paradigms once, you will recognize and be able to use them throughout the system.

  1. Change Your SchoolFront Password
  2. Navigate the SchoolFront System
  3. Securely Logout of SchoolFront
  4. Know How to Enable / Disable the System Access of Any Existing User

Preparing the System for the Upcoming School Year & Usage by Other Users

  1. Confirm School(s) Name, Address, & Logo
  2. Configure the School Year in SchoolFront
  3. Define Access, Security, & Performance Settings
  4. Configure Attendance Management Settings
  5. Configure Student Information Settings
  6. Define Student Family Member System Communication Settings
  7. Define Asset Management Settings
  8. Define Default School Grading Structure
  9. Configure Report Card Preparation Settings
  10. Configure Graduation Sets
  11. Configure Scheduling
  12. Create a Master Course Catalog
  13. Define Discipline Management Settings

Add Users & User Information to the System

  1. Add Teachers/Staff & Teacher/Staff Information
  2. Add Students & Student Information (Including Family / Parents / Guardians)
  3. Configure Admissions Management Capability

Create and/or Schedule Course Sections & Enroll Students

  1. Create and/or Schedule Course Sections
  2. Enroll Students in Course Sections
  3. Transfer Students from One Course Section to Another without Loss of Grades

New Features in Development

These are major new functional areas / features in SchoolFront that are currently in development and that will be released soon. You cannot use the functionality yet, but should be aware that it's coming and start thinking about whether you want to use it or not.

  1. Health & Medical
  2. Fundraising

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