Academic Report

Prepare Teacher Narratives for a Academic Report

The Academic Report is used by some international schools in lieu of a transcript to convey student level and proficiency across courses/subjects without employing specific assessment parameters since curriculum requirements and assessment differ globally. The Academic Report is made up mostly of instructor narratives.

If you do not use Academic Reports, this section will likely be of little benefit to you.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Configure System
(One-Time Task for Administrators Only)

Before the Student log can be used to capture teacher narratives for Academic Reports you must first generate a Log Category for "Academic Reports." If there is no log category, teachers will not be able to submit narratives for this purpose.

To configure the Student Log to be used for Academic Report narratives:

1. Login to SchoolFront as an Administrator.

2. In the left-navigation menu go to Feature Administration.

3. In the Students section click Log Categories.

4. Click the New Student Log Category link.

5. For the Category Name enter "Academic Report."

6. For the Category Description enter "Narratives to be used with Student Academic Report."

7. Click the Insert button.

Add Narratives to the Student Log
(To be Done by Teachers Only Prior to Generating Academic Reports)

Once an administrator at your school has configured the Student Log to support the tracking of narratives for Academic Reports, teachers can begin logging your narratives.

1. Login to SchoolFront as a Teacher.

2. In the left-navigation menu, click Student Log.

3. At the top of the screen in the green boxes, select the Course for which you would like to capture teacher narratives for the Academic Report.

4. Click the New Student Log Entry link.

5. Choose a Student from the drop-down menu (only the students enrolled in the course will appear in the menu).

6. For the Log Date we recommend that you enter the date on which the Academic Report will be created. This will make it easier for whoever is running Academic Reports from SchoolFront--he or she can have the system gather all student logs from that date only.

7. In the Student Log Category drop-down menu choose "Academic Report."

8. In the Log Entry field, type your narrative.

9. Click the Insert button.

What Happens When Academic Reports Are Created?

When all teachers have completed entering narratives for a scheduled academic report, the person(s) responsible for running Academic Reports in the SchoolFront system will login to SchoolFront, go to the Reports section of the system (using the link in the upper right-hand corner) and select the "Academic Report" report from the list.

He or she will execute the report and then, to ensure that all appropriate narratives are included, he or she will choose "Academic Report" as the Student Log Category and will specify a date range (or specific date) from which logs should be pulled in that category--this is why we recommended that you use the date on which the Academic Report will be created/run as the Log Date.

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