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How is "Late" defined in SchoolFront for student attendance management?

When taking attendance students can be marked “Late.” The SchoolFrontSM Support Team must set the range of time (minimum amount of time constituting “late,” and maximum amount of time constituting “late”) that can be selected when a student is late. ... read more

How do I become an Administrator User?

Once a usage contract is signed between FrontEdge Inc. and a school, the SchoolFrontSM Support Team will generate an administrator user accounts for a designated member (or members) of the school staff. These Administrators hold the... read more

How is a School Year created for a school in SchoolFront?

Once a contract is signed between FrontEdge Inc. and a school, the SchoolFrontSM Support Team will create a school year in SchoolFrontSM for the new school. Once the school year has been generated, administrator users can generate accounts for other ... read more

Are Administrator users in SchoolFront all actual school administrators?

In SchoolFrontSM the Administrator role has the most power to create, view, and edit content (e.g. they have the power to define Marking Periods for the whole school, can add students and teachers to the system in bulk, can generate school... read more

Why are there multiple ways to accomplish the same thing as a Teacher?

Based on feedback from our users, we have created task specific pages that are optimized for accomplishing your objectives under certain conditions.  An example would be when working with Attendance.  You can take attendance from the... read more

How do Parents get their passwords?

When a parent is added to SchoolFrontSM they are automatically emailed their username (email address) and password. SchoolFrontSM requires an email address for parents to simplify password retrieval. When a parent forgets their password, they can... read more

How do I get my students an account?

It is the responsibility of a school's designated administrator users to add other users into the system.  There are three main user groups: staff, parents/guardians, and students.   If an administrator user has a digital list... read more

How do I get a SchoolFront account?

If a new user requires access to an existing SchoolFrontSM-enabled school, he or she must contact the school directly. The staff at SchoolFrontSM cannot grant anyone access to the system or the information contained in the system for security... read more
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