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How do I Assign Extra Credit in the Gradebook?

Option 1: Grant Extra Points on an Existing Assignment If you want to give a student extra credit on a specific assignment, you can enter a score in the gradebook for the specific assignment that is higher than the max score you set for the... read more

How Do I Configure a Standards-Based Gradebook / Report Card?

If you want to conduct formative standards-based assessment in courses/subjects, and/or have courses/subjects that expand on your report card to include sub-topics (e.g. standards, or skills, or competencies) with scores for each sub-topic you... read more

Making Changes / Edits to Report Content (e.g. Report Cards, Transcripts, Schedules, etc.)

Report layouts are controlled by the SchoolFrontSM Report Development Team, but things in the report are controlled by personnel in your school. If you run a report and the layout is great, but you dislike the content it can usually be fixed... read more

Why is there a limit on the number or report card comments I can post?

When generating report cards teachers can add up-to a specified number of comments per student, per course. The SchoolFrontSM Support Team sets the maximum number of comments allowed per student, per course for a school. The comment... read more

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