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Why "Lock" Attendance After the Teacher Hits Submit Button?

Whether or not attendance submission "locks" after a teacher submits attendance is determined by the administrators at each school. Some schools require locking and other do not. Schools who use locking only want teachers to submit attendance ... read more

How is "Late" defined in SchoolFront for student attendance management?

When taking attendance students can be marked “Late.” The SchoolFrontSM Support Team must set the range of time (minimum amount of time constituting “late,” and maximum amount of time constituting “late”) that can be selected when a student is late. ... read more

Why are there multiple ways to accomplish the same thing as a Teacher?

Based on feedback from our users, we have created task specific pages that are optimized for accomplishing your objectives under certain conditions.  An example would be when working with Attendance.  You can take attendance from the... read more

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