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Why Don't I Remain Logged in After I Enter My User Name and Password?

This May Be the Result of Having Cookies Disabled in Your Browser We use cookies to determine if a user is authenticated. If you are having login issues try navigating to The page will tell... read more

How do Parents get their passwords?

When a parent is added to SchoolFrontSM they are automatically emailed their username (email address) and password. SchoolFrontSM requires an email address for parents to simplify password retrieval. When a parent forgets their password, they can... read more

How do I get my students an account?

It is the responsibility of a school's designated administrator users to add other users into the system.  There are three main user groups: staff, parents/guardians, and students.   If an administrator user has a digital list... read more

How do I get a SchoolFront account?

If a new user requires access to an existing SchoolFrontSM-enabled school, he or she must contact the school directly. The staff at SchoolFrontSM cannot grant anyone access to the system or the information contained in the system for security... read more

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