Getting Started as a Student in the SchoolFront System

In order to succeed, students must keep track of and manage the schedules, class plans, assignments, tests, due dates, and course content that they are given for all classes.

Report cards tell students how well they managed their workload and performed at tests, but often come when it's too late to address problems.

SchoolFront allows students to proactively view all of their assignments, class notes, due dates, school events and continually monitor their academic performance so that they don't have to wait until they receive a bad grade on a report card to ask for help or otherwise address issues in their student life.

This section of the Online Help provides information for students who are just getting started in the SchoolFront system.

Note: Students must be added to SchoolFront by an Administrator user or teacher before they can login. When a student is added to the system, the system automatically generates a unique username for the student and creates an initial password that the student can use when they first login. Teachers must give students their usernames and passwords so that they can login for the first time.


Important First Steps

Make sure your computer has the right software to run SchoolFront, and get to know the system before you begin using the system.

Stay on Top of Your Classwork and Homework

The Homework section of SchoolFront allows you to see all homework for all courses that is due in the next 7 days.

The Coursework section of SchoolFront allows you to see all coursework teachers have issued for a course for a 1 week period.

Mange Your Day and Coursework Today

The Daily Planner in SchoolFront provides you with a one-day view of your academic data to-date, impending due dates, and newly assigned work.

It includes a summary of your attendance record, your projected letter grade and marking period average for each course in which you are enrolled, coursework due today, coursework due tomorrow, and any new work assigned today.

Check Your Academic Performance

Teachers log grades for all homework, tests, projects and other graded coursework in SchoolFront. You can login to SchoolFront and see your up-to-date grades and and projected course averages at any time.

Monitor Your Attendance Record

Teachers log attendance for all courses in SchoolFront  and can note if a student is late, and how late. You can login to SchoolFront and see up-to-date records of your attendance in all courses.

View Communications from School Administration 

Administrator users generate school announcements and maintain a centralized school calendar which you can view in SchoolFront.

System Information and Support

The SchoolFront Support Team uses the SchoolFront Homepage and this Support Portal to communicate with and provide support to all users of the system.Cut

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