Mark Grades

Preparing Grades for Report Cards at the End of Each Marking Period

The generation of report cards for a school requires the aggregation of final student grades from many different classes, managed by many different teachers. The coordination of report card generation can be a real challenge, so SchoolFront has functionality to make the process simpler for everyone.

little boy proud of gradesAt the conclusion of each marking period teachers are given a specific period of time to ready grades for report cards. During this period, teachers must review student grades, make tweaks to final grades, and add comments to grades where appropriate.

It is critical that teachers complete their grade preparation activities within the time period specified so that report cards can be sent out according to schedule. This job aid is designed to help teachers learn the process. After you do it once, you likely won’t need the job aid again.

Note: A teacher must configure his or her Preferred Comments list before comments can be added for a course.

Note: Make sure that your school's report card actually supports comments before you take the time to enter comments. If your school does not have comments on the report card, this could constitute wasted effort for you! Check before you take the time to comment!!!!

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Teachers Only 

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Review the Gradebook for Each Course
  2. Prepare Grades for Report Cards
  3. Lock Gradebook & Submit Your Grades to Report Card Administrator

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