Manage Calendar

Manage the School Calendar in SchoolFront

Administrator users can create Calendar Events for everyone in the school to see on the SchoolFront calendar. They can also edit and delete existing Calendar Events.

Note: If you are not an administrator user but would like to have an event added to the calendar or see an event on the calendar that should be changed or updated, contact one of your school's designated administrator users for help.

Applicable System Roles

System users with the following roles can do this:

  • Administrators Only

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to SchoolFront as an administrator user.

2. Click School Calendar in the left-hand navigation menu. The School Calendar will open.

school calendar

Note: You will use almost the exact same steps to add, edit, and delete calendar events.

3. Place your cursor on the School Calendar option in the left-hand navigation menu. Import Calendar Events will appear.

4. Click Import Calendar Events. The Calendar Import page will open.

import calendar events

5. Click the Click here button to access your school's events spreadsheet, the Microsoft Excel™ file you will use to add, edit, and delete events on your school's calendar.

click here to import

6. Save the Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet file to a location on your computer where you will be able to find it (e.g. on your desktop). You can name it anything.

7. Open the Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet file you just saved.

8. This is your school's events list. You will use this file to add, edit, or delete school events.

excel events sheet

Column Description Instructions
Date This is the date on which the event will occur.

Enter the date using the following format:


Title This is the title of the event that appears on the calendar. Enter the title of the event, but keep it as short as possible, as it will display on the calendar in limited space.
Description This is the description of the event that appears when a user clicks on the event title in the calendar. Enter a description of the event--this can be longer because it will appear in its own pop-up window rather than on the calendar itself.
Event Type This tells the system how to categorize the event in the school year.

Choose one of the following options and enter the number of the option (just the number goes into the spreadsheet):

  • 0 = everyone reports to school on this day
  • 1 = staff only reports to school on this day
  • 2 = there is no school for anyone on this day

Examples: For events like a school dance on a Friday, enter a "0" since students and staff will report to school on that day. For events like an official state holiday where everyone is off of school, enter a "2." For events like a staff training day, where students are off, but teachers report to school, enter a "1."

9. To add a new event to your school's calendar, fill-in the information for the event in the next available row in the spreadsheet.

10. To edit an existing event on your school's calendar, you can make your edits directly to the content in the spreadsheet. All the changes and additions that you make will be comprehended in the system when you have finished editing the content and save then upload the spreadsheet.

add or edit calendar events

 11. To delete a Calendar Event, simply delete the whole row of the event from the spreadsheet. Make sure that you do not accidentally delete anything, because all deletions will be comprehended by the system when you save the spreadsheet and upload it.

delete a calendar event

12. When you are done editing the spreadsheet. Save again to a location where you will be able to find it (e.g. save it to your desktop).

13. Click the Browse button and locate the spreadsheet file you just saved.

14. Once you have located the file, click the Preview Import button.

preview import

15. The Calendar Import page will open with an Import Preview. Inspect the Import Preview to be sure that you didn't make any mistakes when you were editing the spreadsheet. Once you have confirmed that the content is correct, click the black Import Data button.
Note: If you find mistakes, click Cancel Import and start the process over again.

16. A summary of the changes the system made will be displayed on the screen.

Note: If the system skipped any of the rows in your spreadsheet, this will tell you how many rows were skipped and what rows were skipped. Rows are skipped if the data in them does not meet the system specifications. To ensure that your rows are not skipped again, see step #8 in this process to correct the issues in your spreadsheet.

17. Once you have completed an import with zero skipped rows, all of the additions, edits, and deletions you imported should be comprehended in the system. To see the updated calendar, click here.

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