The SchoolFront Homepage

Applicable System Roles

This information is relevant to users with the following roles:

  • Parents / Guardians
  • Students

A Central Spot for Important School and System Information

When you first login to SchoolFront you will land on your SchoolFront homepage. The homepage is the place where your school's administrator users and the SchoolFront Support Team place important information for users in all system roles.

home screen capture

School Announcements

Administrator users can generate school announcements and specify which users will see the announcement on their homepages. For example, an administrator user may create an announcement about a school dance that parents and students can see, and they may post notification of a Snow Day school closing for all members of the school community to see.

Feature Announcements

The SchoolFront Support Team uses this space to post information about new system features. This information will allow you to take advantage of new system functionality as soon as it is made available to users in your role.

Known Application Problems

The SchoolFront Support Team uses this space to post information about problems that have been discovered in the system so that your productivity isn't hindered. If an existing problem has a workaround (i.e. something you can do to circumvent the issue) the team will note it in this space. If the team is working on fixing the issue, they will post an estimated time/date for the resolution.

Note: If you discover a serious issue while using SchoolFront, check your homepage to see if it is a Known Application Problem. If you do not see anything similar described in this section, you can submit your problem to the SchoolFront Support Team so that they can help to address the problem.

  • Click here to see how to submit a problem to the SchoolFront Support Team.

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