Welcome to the SchoolFront Support Portal

A Place for All SchoolFrontSM Users to Learn and Get Help

This suite of technical support tools was created by FrontEdge Inc. to meet the training and support needs of all SchoolFront.com users and to limit the impact of SchoolFrontSM usage to school IT personnel.

It is the place to come to if you would like to learn how to use SchoolFrontSM or are having a specific problem trying to do something in SchoolFrontSM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The SchoolFrontSM Support Team posts responses to common user queries in the SchoolFrontSM FAQ Blog.

The team encourages you to rate the helpfulness of FAQ content so that other users can skip to the most helpful content and so that Support Team members can attempt to increase the helpfulness of low-rated content.

Online Help

If you need initial system training or would like to learn to perform a specific task in the SchoolFrontSMsystem, SchoolFrontSM Online Help provides step-by-step instructions.

Request Support

If you discover a bug or would like to receive assistance from a member of the SchoolFrontSM Support Team, you can submit a Help Request.

Request a Feature

If you would like or need a new system feature or report (or would like adjustments to existing features or reports), you can submit Feature Requests to the SchoolFrontSM Development Team.

All Topics

If you would like to peruse through all SchoolFront Support Portal topics, check out the Support Portal Site Map.


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